wip 1.22.11

negative degrees.  stuck at home!
ordered ben a new chair. {i love amazon!}
at first i thought he was going to like the box more than the chair...

nope. he approves!

i think he is getting the idea. ;)

that evening nick's dad's side of the family came over to celebrate birthdays. i took no pictures!

lazy morning. listened to ben's favorite music cds and danced!

how cute is ben getting ready to help daddy shovel?

the boys weren't out long. but i think ben needed to get outside!

then nick's mom's side came over for nick's birthday celebration. we took ben's chair off of the dining room seats. he was insistent upon sitting in it. {i love that he has learned 'cheese.'}

enjoying watching wipeout aka boom with cousin megan and daddy.

ben also enjoyed some chocolate eclair cake. yum.

beaner is a little possessive of his new chair. wasn't too happy that mommy was laying on it. thankfully, i convinced him to share... with kisses.

then it was game time. yahtzee free for all this time. ;)

ben and daddy morning. mommy slept in. i couldn't believe how late i slept actually. felt like i was back in college!

ben almost fell asleep on his new chair. nick couldn't believe it! the boy doesn't sleep anywhere but his crib at home or his cot at daycare... car seats not included!

and of course, watching wipeout. 

then it was game time. 

we have a fun game of climbing mount mommy. i know, great name. whatever. it is hours of entertainment for the wee man. 

ben decided he needed to wear his hat to watch the game. maybe it's because he saw everyone on tv with them on. i'm not sure.

a disappointing game. but that's okay. i'm not really sure i expected them to win. there's always next year, right? gosh, i think i sound like a cubs fan!!

the rest of sunday was mellow. more football. and naps. and just spending time with one another. ;)


Kache said...

The hat pics are too cute!

Carrie said...

Cute pictures, and is his new chair a fire truck? :)

Thought about you Sunday as the Packers were winning, sorry. But, yeah! We're going to the Super Bowl!!