wip 1.15.11

i'm caught up.
who knew?!

mommy and ben day at home. and i have no clue what we did the rest of the day. sigh. my memory just has not been the same since i got pregnant with ben. it's okay though, he's totally worth it!

check out that killer static!

new hair day! was wanting something different. went dark. i'm really liking it! beaner got a little trim too. love that karli will do that for us!

then ben decided to spike a fever randomly in the afternoon. he woke up from his nap with a 103.3 fever. wtf?! he had no running nose, no cough, not tugging on his ears. was acting completely normal. totally made us scratch our heads. gave him some tylenol and went on with our day.

then the ben felt warm again before we were getting ready to go out to dinner. yup. 102.3. seriously. not teething. i have no clue what it is. our best guess was a virus or something. so we gave him some more tylenol and headed off to dinner. {he was in good hands!}

quick self portrait. you can kinda see the new hair. better pictures soon.
and yes, nick's going scruffy. love how it looks. he says it keeps him warmer!

house of kobe. yum. had a blast.  came back to the house after to drink and play dicecapades. i tell ya, we love this game! nick had a rough night. ryan made him sign an agreement to buy me a pedicure at vanis since i was going to have to get up with ben in the morning and it's my morning to sleep in. she's awesome!

early morning with the wee man. nick slept til about 3!! {and yes, he owned up and bought me my pedicure! awww.} when ben got up he was afebrile. 99.3. awesome. was thinking it was a random thing. nope. early afternoon he spiked another temp. 103.2 or something. sigh. no daycare for ben on monday. {yay for mom's who have national holidays off and are willing to babysit!}

was able to watch the bears game despite a sick baby and hung over hubby! so jealous of my parents who were at the game. in a skybox! cannot wait for sunday's game.

ben's new favorite thing is to commando across the kitchen floor. here he decided that his blankies were a necessity for the activity. silly boy.

and an update on benjamin... viral. he was completely fine on monday and i called the pediatrician just to make sure he didn't need to see ben. yay for no sick visits. we had enough of those last year, thank you very much!


Carrie said...

Cute pic of you and Nick, love the new hair color.

And Ben is too stinkin' cute, and getting so big. Hard to believe he'll be two soon!

Kache said...

Cool hair! Scruff keeps him warm...nice :)

Who knew I would learn new vocabulary words reading blogs...afebrile

psucolleen said...

I likey the new hair color & the scruffy Nick. You two are always so perfect together. And Ben... aw! Isn't it heartbreaking when they're sick? Glad he's all better. That picture is so adorable... makes me want to just scoop him up.