workout wednesday.

this couch to 5k is killing my ankles.  {more specifically my right one, which has been my 'good' aka non surgically repaired ankle}
totally makes me sad. i do not want to give up. some how, some way, i want to find a way to fix these issues.

took to the internet. bad nurse, i know. but whatever. judge me all you want!
pretty sure this is what i have...
have decided that i now pronate both of my feet when i stand. {which is strange since i have high arches. unless they are falling...}

why this is happening all of a sudden i have no idea. maybe i've always stood this way. maybe the consistent running is messing with me. maybe i'm over compensating {unknowingly} because i'm worried about my bad ankle.

today while i was at work, i tried to consciously fix my stance and i totally noticed a difference.

we normally play volleyball on wednesdays but i chose to be a smart girl and rest my ankle and decided to take a trip to fleet feet.  the lady who helped me confirmed that i'm correct on my pronating theory. thinks that it might be my work shoes. that they don't have the arch support that i've had in the past. that the combination of running and not having good shoes when i'm on my feet all day could be the problem. so i bought the cutest shoes. {and an uber cute sparkly headband} totally not why i picked them though. if you truly know me, you may not believe it, but i could care less what they looked like as long as they help me.

fingers crossed that a little more ice, elevation, ibuprofin, rest, and some new kicks are all it takes to get me back on the pavement! and if not, then a trip to a chiro that i've heard nothing but good things about my be in my future. {and i'm not saying that because his wife reads my blog. hi jamie!} or maybe i can have my girlfriends who were crazy enough to sign up to run the 5k with me, can carry me... or push me in a stroller?! ;P

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