wip 7.23.11

nick took ben to daycare and i cleaned out my side of the closet. it was just time. i had gone through recently and cleaned out certain sections, but it needed a major overhaul. it totally kicked my butt. i needed a nap. i should have picked a less strenuous project. being sick did not make it easy. but i'm glad it's done.

noticed that it got pretty dark when i was cleaning. looked outside and saw these lovely clouds. ran outside to make sure nothing would blow away!

ben could only eat his afternoon snack while wearing his sun glasses. 

last minute decision to go to st. john fest. it was hot! and ben loved the slide. next year we are going on sunday... less crowded!

enjoying himself on the round and round.

and a must at any fair. lemonade!

family portrait. thank you random stranger. ;)

only nabbed a few pictures from the slides. was busy chatting with friends. it's crazy who you run into at these things!

to get rid of our food tickets, we let ben play some games. he picked a blue sucker and won a little monkey. {and no he didn't even come close to finishing the sucker!}

and he did a bean bag toss. he's still a little short. but he tried! 

some crazy clouds. 

enjoying his free chicken wing sample!

ran into gibi and friends there. again, crazy who you will run into at these things!

ben flirting with baby stephanie.

elephant ear! 

lazy morning in.
then we headed to a birthday party at the painted penguin.

me tucking ben in to make sure that he doesn't get dirty. and yes, we are original. that's a 'b' he's gonna paint!

mommy helping ben paint. he so wanted to dip the one paint brush into each of the colors.

we were doing so well. keeping everyone clean...

uh oh! he was so excited. he went to turn to tell me something and got me! 

he loved the party favors.

and for some reason was enjoying putting my hair in my face. he hasn't done that in ages. 

we stopped at portillos for a grown up lunch.
nick thought it was easier to cool off the fries with air conditioning rather than blowing on them. lazy!

somebody had an exhausting afternoon.

we couldn't decide what we were going to do in the evening.
we were back and forth. and by we, i mean nick.
he finally decided he wanted a pork chop, so we headed out to the porter county fair.
ben was a champ! yay for a late nap because we didn't get there until just about his bed time. i love that he's such a flexible lil guy.

this weird guy had some trained geese. it was nuts.

ben enjoying petting a ferret. we didn't see too many animals. not sure if it was because it was so darn hot or what.

weird goose owner guy.

just because.

somebody wanted to push the stroller. 

ended up meeting up with jer bear and family.

with auntie bri.

ben was kind enough to pick up the ball the crazy, tall juggler dropped. he wasn't scared at all. didn't realize how tall he was until after he handed him the ball. then he just kind of stood there and stared!

deep fried mac n cheese.
i was going to eat something deep fried...
these were okay. not the worst. but not the best thing i've ever eaten.

ben enjoyed them.

and nick's much craved pork chop!

time for corn on the cob.
benjamin loves corn. he did well eating it off the cob too!

lazy day!
crazy storms rolled through. love that ben calls it 'funder'

did some random stuff around the house. garden work, cleaning, shopping, a run to goodwill.
then ben asked to go swimming. so we headed to visit the pool. ;)

he is doing so well with trying to swim on his own! next year lessons are a must!

jumping in. {he hurt is foot right before we left... not sure how... and was adamant on jumping in} so this was as good as the jump got!

chillin on the noodles

nick ran home from my parents. so we he came in, he was stretching.
i guess ben thought he should stretch too!

kind of a crazy weekend. a bunch of plans fell through and things changed but it turned out for the best, i guess.

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