five on friday

- had a sick wee man today. ;(
woke up with a fever of 103. after two tylenol does it was 105! finally got it down to 100 after three tylenol doses, one motrin dose, and a cool bath. phew. hoping it's gone!
- i impressed my chiropractor. apparently, my foot doesn't do something that it is supposed to and he's never seen that before... great. thinking i might need a whole post on my gd feet and/or running.
- looking forward to smores and meyer's specials tomorrow with friends. fingers crossed we don't have to cancel. {see first bullet.}
- i hate that it's dark outside at 8. i thought it was like 1030 and it was barely 830.  it's gonna be a long winter.
- who knew i could make it a whole week posting?! ;)

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