vegas celebrity sightings.

i finally uploaded pictures! yay. totally made me want to go right back to vegas! well, sorta. if i didn't have to leave ben it would be that much more fun.

so while we were in vegas, one of our travel companions, bill, thought he saw a few celebrities.

the first night at dinner he was so excited because, he swore, he saw vanessa minillo from the back. seriously? do you know how many people have brown, straight hair? why on earth would he think it was her?

then we were poolside one day and he was a bit giddy. totally thought this lady was courteney cox. um, no. and i'm sorry courteney that he, even for a moment, thought that could have been you!

same day, same pool... he turns to me and says, 'that lady looks familiar over there. i think she's famous.' to which i reply, 'oh, ke$ha. yeah, that's totally not her.' he was devasted. he was 0/3.

then walking into our hotel one night, there was a massive crowd of people. bill was like, there has to be someone famous here! sure enough. there's willy nelson!

now i'm not a huge willy fan. but it was pretty neat to see him up close and personal. {and that makes two celebrities sightings each time we've been in vegas. woot woot!}

and john, our other travel companion, saw someone from the bachelor. i don't know what season. it was a man. and apparently, he was a twin?

*the events might not have happened in this exact order. the ke$ha and courteney sightings were on our last full day but i thought it made for a better story... ;-)

so this past weekend, we went to chicago with some friends and were retelling our story.  our friend's brother ran into someone in a bathroom in vegas. the story was that he turned to the guy and was like i know you. and the 'famous' guy totally denied it. and the guy was like, no really, are you from chicago heights? and 'famous' guy responded something along the lines of, i don't even know where the fuck that is. {sorry for the language}. so when the guy gets out to tell his brother, he sees the 'famous' guy and the brother had to inform him that it was donny wahlberg! {best famous spotting story i've heard lately. sorry if it was a little butchered in the retelling!}

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