ten on tuesday. 8.30.11

- i totally forgot yesterday was monday. well, until i remembered and then i was just too lazy to try to figure out what i should blog. ;)
- so excited for this new necklace to come in the mail. i love trees!{they even have their own category on pinterest!}
- i love my son.  he makes me laugh. every day.
- started week four of my couch to 5k. 1/2 mile intervals are not fun.
- as soon as i'm done blogging, i'm going to try to scrap. i hope i remember how... i have deadlines!
- was told this weekend, by a good friend, that her mom used to cook hot dogs over the gas flame on the stove. um, why haven't i thought of that?! i knew you could do marshmallows... but hot dogs? i might have to try it.
- had a home made butter beer this weekend. it was tasty. i'm told it wasn't as good as the real thing though.
- vacation next week! only have a few outings planned. looking forward to playing it by ear.
- why do i hate blogging so much? i mean, i love going back and rereading all we've done. i just hate finding time to do it.
- is it wrong that i want to start christmas shopping?

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