wip 7.30.11 part one

i'm not really in a blogging mood as of late. thinking that i just need to do it. get back on the wagon and it will be easier. that it's just this overwhelming sense of 'catching up' that's never gonna happen. but that's okay. no pressure, right? my blog. my rules. so here i go! {and blogger is so not cooperating but i'm committed to posting, so my apologies if the photos are wonky.}

friday: early day. i believe our flight left midway at like 9am. no early morning pictures! we arrived in vegas and it was cooler there than it was here, at home! it's amazing what no humidity will do... makes 100 degrees tolerable! : ) nick upgraded our room. it was supposed to be a surprise, but he let it slip a month or so earlier! the room was amazing. we had the best view...

headed down to the pool for lunch and cocktails and sun! my blue drink was delicious. seriously. so good. acai berry something, i think. yum.

our bed was as hard as a rock. seriously. i made john and bill try it out to make sure i wasn't being a wimp. they agreed. said theirs was amazing. almost pillow top. so we called the front desk and asked for it to be changed.  we came back up from lunch and sun to this...

really?! i'm paying how much a night and this is the quality service you provide. sigh. so we called and complained. and an hour and a half later, no one had been up to address our unmade bed. so we called again, and they had no record of our complaint on log. just something about our bathroom light. we totally didn't call on the light, but they were right. it was still out! finally had someone come up and make our bed just as we were heading out for the evening...

our first show was phantom of the opera. nick's choice. i'm not a huge opera fan. might surprise some considering i love the les miserable soundtrack. {thank you jorja boller} and we were a bit nervous because i had heard that it wasn't really phantom. it was some twist or something. nope. nick loved it. it was okay. the costumes and acting was fabulous. i just had a hard time understanding some of the words. the actual phantom wasn't my favorite. ;(

then it was dinner at lavo. so good. would totally recommend it! might have been my favorite dinner there. and it was nice to sit outside and just people watch. {apparently miss kim k and her now hubs are fans too! we ate at tao later in the trip...}

and warning. i photographed every meal. well, i forgot one main course. oops. so bear with me on food pics.

had this tasty beverage. haven't the foggiest idea what was in it, but i remember really enjoying it!

my yummy polenta sticks. sigh, i want some right now...

and the cauliflower risotto. drooling...

nick, john, and i in the cab on the way back. bill always had the duty of sitting up front with the cabby!

our amazing night time view. so good. this was the only night we were home early enough to watch it... pretty impressive considering we were up for almost 22 hours!

met up with nick's college room mate, jeremy.  jt has lived in vegas for a few years. he works for a major advertising company there. was so cool to spend the day with him and we were so thankful for his insider information. totally helped us with some great ideas and things to do while we were there!

jt offered to pick us up and take us to red rock canyon. we were a bit early, so we strolled around bellagio. love that lobby! 

amazing piece of art. all flowers used in this 'painting'. so very cool.

if you are looking for something non vegasy in vegas. i totally suggest driving out to red rock canyon. was absolutely beautiful. jeremy was a great tour guide and provided us will all sorts of vegas history and trivia on the drive. seriously. the rock formations are breath taking. 

nick totally looks photoshopped in on the next picture. ;)

do you see the face?

i have a zillion pictures. trying to limit my sharing....  unfortunately we didn't see any burritos {what jt calls baby burros. apparently, they can be pretty abundant!}

nick being a tourist. he was like,' you didn't just take a picture did you?' um, yes. yes i did!

our little friend.

 then we went back and saw jeremy's house. nick was completely jealous of his projector tv. i know that one of these will be in our basement!

totally felt like we were back at purdue!

then we went to an authentic mexican restaurant. i can't pass up good mexican food!
the gauc was delish. and so was the margarita and my combo platter {which i forgot to photograph!}

we also stopped at jeremy's office. totes amazing. {i know lots of amazing going on. sorry. i will work on a new adjective...} made us both want to quit our jobs, move to vegas, and work with him. the environment was inspiring. so happy for him!

the boys talked books while we were at jt's house. we drove past a borders and they decided to stop and do some shopping!

i only snapped this one picture of us. in bellagio's parking garage. next to the exhaust. oh well! 

we were able to hang out at the pool for a bit. then it was dinner and a show! {beware upcoming links have sound!}

we couldn't decide on where to eat our good steak dinner. i was hoping for craftsteak. but we changed our minds after jeremy's suggestion and nick saw a ribeye featured on the best thing i ever ate... las vegas edition!

we headed to wynn for dinner at sw.
the boys surprised us with la reve tickets. so sweet!

loved the parasols.

and the tile floor.

quite possibly the most delicous thing i ate on the trip. oh my word. fresh bread with bacon baked into it. jeremy warned us about these... he was spot on! totally worth every single calorie. so good, i had two!

and a lychee martini. 

the four of us...

and our crazy, way too big dinner.

 nick said his ribeye was 'the bomb'. he raved about it for days. actually, he still talks about it. says it was worth every penny!

were able to see the show that's outside at wynn. was pretty cool. i guess steven spielberg designed it {jeremy worked on the wynn's grand opening. was full of more vegas trivia!} i'm not going to share all the pictures. don't want to ruin any surprises if you ever make it to see the show.

la reve was so cool. i didn't research the shows before we went. we pretty much trusted john and bill. they are vegas regulars and have seen everything at least once! the cirq performers are unreal. i don't know how they do the stuff they do. and this one took place in/on/over water.

some random night snapshots.

john made us stop at the sugar factory. he told us about these ginormous gummy bears....

holy crap they are ridiculously heavy! i can't imagine eating one. you would need a fork and a knife. 

i was still beyond full from dinner. i almost caved and bought the smores one... thought it would have been a snack for some other time, but i refrained. now i wish i had bought one!! {jamie, i might beg you to bring me one back when you go for the bachelorette party!}

and our run in with willy!

okay. i'm tired. and i'm sure that's a whole lot to take in. so i'm breaking these into two posts. maybe blogger will be more agreeable tomorrow too!

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