wip 7.30.11 part two!

rainy, cloudy morning. perfect sleeping in weather. and i did just that! felt sooo good to just sleep. no worrying about ben or alarm clocks. lazy, unplanned days are so needed on vacations. otherwise, i come home crabby and tired!

met john and bill at planet hollywood after one of john's poker tournaments. i couldn't commit to playing. wanted to do nothing rather than focus on cards!

some street signs. our intersection. ;-) and proof that it is cloudy in vegas!

checking out hand prints of one of my boyfriends. sandra bullock had her hand prints there too. made them into ducks or something. so effin cute!

one of the highlights of the trip. i love hot dogs. seriously. could eat them all day every day. well, the good kind. and not boiled. strictly boiled hot dogs are gross. i like em grilled. but as long as they have a nice 'pop' when you bite into em, i'm good.
enough hot dog rambling. we made it to pinks! yay. yay. yay.

some of their killer menu. i had the hardest time deciding.

ended up with some crazy mixture of two dogs, jalapenos, guacamole, onions, chili, and i can't remember what else. it was delicious. i told nick the other day that i was craving one!

i barely made a dent... but i tried!

we all went our separate ways. just kinda lounged around.

then it was date night. nick and i got dressed up and headed out.

we stopped at the new hotel, the cosmopolitan. was pretty cool.

this is a lame picture of one of their restaurants. chandelier. my amateur photog skills do not do it justice. was way better in person.

then we headed on down the strip. it's amazing how much it's changed in the last five years. so many new hotels and walk ways. kinda makes it tricky to walk up and down the strip. 

made it to our destination. i swear, this is the best kept secret in vegas. there were only like 5 other tables in use when we arrived. was so chill and had the best view. {another shout out to jt for telling us we had to go there. just the two of us!}

this was our view. we lounged in two comfy recliners and just watched. {ignore my flash glare. i'm not editing pictures! everything you see is sotc.}

we had some super tasty snackies. wasabi peas that were nothing like the wasabi peas we have had before. these had like a crunchy coating. almost like an m and m shell. but not...

i enjoyed a cucumber margarita. there were cucumbers every where. seriously, i think they're the new 'it' drink item.

and we ordered some deep fried avocado. holy goodness. like deep fried guac. yum.

trying to get a selphie with the view.

after our me time, we cabbed it back to mon ami gabi and met john and bill after they saw celine. they said she was fabulous.

wasn't my favorite restaurant. but that's okay.
i tried some watermelon gazpacho. different.

and the burger was okay.

nick insisted on scallops even though he's allergic. if i remember correctly, he was a fan. 

we were lucky enough to be seated outside. so we could watch the fountains across the street. so crazy that we stayed here and barely got to see any of the fountain shows! 

went to have breakfast at hash house a go go. if you go to vegas, you must stop here. but be warned a party of four could probably split one entree! pretty sure i heard about this place on man vs. food!

john went to a poker tourney so it was just the three of us.

my awesome watermelon something or other.

my meal. the eggs benedict special. was featured on man vs food. was really, really good. just a lot of food!

not the greatest picture. but kinda helps ya see how big it is.

the three of us and our meal that could have fed a small country.

nick's chicken and waffles. he said they were okay. and the bacon is actually cooked into the waffle!

bill's out of control pancake. seriously, it was monstrous!

then we headed back to the hotel and lounged poolside. nick saw this cypress lounge the first day we were there. we splurged and got ourselves some super comfy chairs, free flavored water, chilled towels, and wait staff. was amazing and totally worth the $100!

john's still at his tourney. we enjoyed a pitcher of mojitos!

was a little toasty!


john was able to join us for a bit. then it was show time! saw mystere.  was unbelievable. the strength that these people have is unreal. i think that nick and i sat there with our mouths hanging open or saying no way for most of the show! i am now officially obsessed with cirq du soleil.

had dinner at tao.
was good. the atmosphere was pretty neat. loved the chopstick holders on the tables!

 nick's dinner. i cannot remember what he got. nothing terribly adventurous!

and um, i can't remember what i got either! but if you look closely you can see i have another cucumber drink. told you they were all the rage. ;)

time to fly home.

thank you southwest vacations for a great trip! and for some free flights because of it. still deciding on where to go. seattle or denver.... yay for friends in both spots who would welcome us and be our tour guides. ;)

always love seeing something other than green when i look out the window.

and we're home. the lovely city of chicago. ;-)

ben was so freaking adorable when we came home. i picked him up and his little legs wouldn't stop going. like he was running in my arms. so, so sweet. and he would wake up through out the night and call out for mommy or daddy. it was like he was just checking that we were still there. only lasted a few days and i was more than happy to make up some missed cuddle time with my lil guy!

and although she doesn't read this. i want to thank my mom for watching ben. totally could not have done this without you. we love and appreciate you more than you know! xo.

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