10 on tuesday. 8.16.11

- why must construction resume when school starts? why can't they do it over the summer when there is less traffic?
- tonight is the last night of bowling. we bowled out last week. gonna take ben to see a bowling alley and to say goodbye to everyone. i will miss it... but at the same time i won't. i think there will be lots of bowling date nights in our future. if you wanna join us, just let me know!
- trying to come up with new ways to use my giant zucchinis. this recipe was totally yummy! 
i've successfully completed two weeks of my couch to 5k program. not the hare. maybe the tortoise. but that's okay. i don't want to overdue it {my ankles hate when i run}. just want to be able to finish.
- love that my little man says 'thank you' without being prompted. {like after i give him some juice or once i serve dinner.}if only he would ask for things with a please. ;)
- ben has been asking to sleep with a pillow. not sure where this is coming from. might have to find him a toddler pillow!
- finished a simple home project. makes me happy. and am super thankful for miss val for giving me the idea months ago! a shower rod and a curtain can make the cutest doorway covering for a tricky {tall and skinny} doorway. {and it's not the project that i mentioned in my maybe post...}
- would like to cross off one more home project this friday. the spare bedroom closet. aka the gift and wrapping paper closet. hoping i wake up motivated!
- not sure if i want to continue wip. they are a bunch of work. but i like having the visual reminder. decisions, decisions.
- wishes everyone was held to the same standard. i don't care who or what you are...
- am ready for fall. not ready for winter! {can't we skip that season?} looking forward to the windows being opened, the smell of burning leaves and bonfires, halloween.

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