wordless wednesday. a medicine trick.

had to create my version of this awesome idea.  such a lifesaver. nick laughed. but it was sad how many times i actually had to look and see if i had taken my dose or not.


ten on tuesday 2.25.12

- nick and i purchased an electric toothbrush. saw it at costco and couldn't pass up the deal. have discussed getting one forever. holy cow. that thing is serious. tickles the heck out of your mouth. definitely going to take some getting used to!

- have a mini getaway booked with the coopers!

- ben sleeps in a sleeping bag. hasn't sleep in his bed for months. well, minus like one night. when he climbs in at night, he tells me... 'i'm going to bed a caterpillar and i'm going to wake up a butterfly.' thank you eric carle.

- please, please no bad weather thursday. have an ikea trip scheduled woot!

- to follow up to last week's dunkin donut question: my coworker pointed out they sell dean's milk. ahhh...

- nick told ben to sit down it's time for breakfast, so ben sat on the floor where he was standing?! what is that? he knows we eat breakfast at the table!

- i'm not sure why but i always get cystic fibrosis and cerebral palsy confused. i know, i know. two completely different diseases. heck, i still confuse pink and yellow? and llamas and camels?

- working out the details for ben's party. invites soon!

- nick and i met with this woman, let it slip that i was a nurse. she then asked where. told her oncology and she said, 'ah a pessimist.' she's right. i encourage my patients but i'm always expecting the worst news possible.

- am really hoping that march doesn't storm in like a lion. february has been pretty darn hectic and i'm looking for a bit of a reprieve. ;)


wip 1.26.13

a miracle. there are no laundry bins with clothes waiting to be put away. it had been quite some time. had to text nick about the momentous occassion!

dinner that night at the boat with my parents. all you can eat seafood buffet. nick was in heaven. me, not so much. but i love him, so i went. and it was really nice to visit. we don't actually spend that much time with my family. yes, my mom babysits frequently but we don't really have 'real' conversations in passing. and i'm not a big phone talker. i hate it. text me please. ;)

starting off the night.

about 6 plates later... i think we figured out that he had at least 5 pounds of crabs. not to mention all the other random food he ate which included multiple desserts!

headed back to the vip lounge with my parents. my dad got fancy and ordered an espresso... nick had a cappuccino. said it was the best he ever had. and has now been on a cappuccino kick since.

we actually didn't step foot on the gambling side! came home to a quiet house, since beans was enjoying a sleepover with jerbear and gibi.

picked ben up and had to go to nick's work.
he's enjoying his new bumblebee phone case. best $4!

and he found the remote on the chairs.

i was on e. makes me so nervous.

super cute window washer. ;-)

decided to do hot dogs for lunch. love this little place.

bear down! really wasn't bad. i'm quite picky when it comes to bottled water.

our spread. minus ben's. i had the crazy corn dog without the ben. that would have been way too much breading. was really tasty.

someone was eating from both ends of his dog.

and sleepy ben. i wonder if he was thinking about how good that hot dog was?

and i agree! no ketchup on your dogs. yum. chicago style.

uncle kevin and brittany came to visit. k helped nick move the elliptical from upstairs into the basement. was quite a haul. nick was sore for days.

kevin was nice enough to bring over kfc. so we enjoyed that after they did all the hard work. watched total recall. well, i fell asleep. no surprises there! the boys and brit enjoyed it.

had a chocolate chip pancake breakfast, ben's request. then just hung out.

kevin came back over to help nick finish insulating the basement. love that k wants to come over and help.

ben went to visit the boys and came back with all sorts of different toys.

started watching the africa series. it's awesome. i love that kind of stuff. 

i forget where i saw this, but it is completely true. i inhale my food.but it should say 'lunch half hour.'

nick wanted a late evening snack. was made that popcorn, indiana is actually made in new jersey. wtf is that?


wip 1.19.13

ben and i had a date at the dentist's office. he was amazing. told me that he was going to go first so that i wasn't scared. he is seriously the sweetest little boy. {he doesn't let me walk down the stairs first either. wants to make sure there are no bad guys and he can keep me safe that way. awwww.}

stopped by and visisted nick at work after the dentist. 

we came home and napped. it was hard work going to the dentist and mcdonalds!

then it was family night. ben was hiding from the visitors. he is so shy at first. still. 

he could play with balloons for hours. 

it was a soup theme. nick wanted to make lobster bisque. i hear it was good. a bit too lemony.  nick is usually mr. anal retentive when it comes to measuring everything out. apparently, he just squeezed the lemon juice in. i believe this was the recipe he used. {not the best pictures. sorry. but he was so proud of his soup! didn't want to leave em out.}

b2. ben and auntie bri. 

someone attacked the birthday cake early. went to cut it and found this! i guess nick's aunt was hungry! and i don't think she likes the ends! 

saturday: {nick's birthday!}
went out for breakfast. ate at jelly. that place is really growing on us.
passed the time working on our letters. ben likes to take our orders. i think we might eat out a bit much, no?

a morning coffee boost and our to do list. was kind of a big list considering we had somewhere to be a bit later in the day. 

yum. nick got the ribeye. he enjoyed it. i got the country skillet? so good. ben enjoyed his chocolate chip pancakes. 

and a gumball because he was a good boy. ;)

nick said he wants one of these for his car! 

ben loves hiding in his hoodie! 

stopped to check out mattresses for the wee man's big boy room. 

of course, ben wants the one with the remote! 

got some more shelves for the basement. i have no idea how we have so much crap. ahem, stuff. 

headed to dinner at pf changs. ben wanted to drive for a little bit. of course, we were parked in the lot, not actually driving. :o)

after dinner we went back to nick's aunt house. ben was excited to play balloons with megan's boyfriend, jerry.

jerry was great with beans. did this little trick where he went to throw the balloon but let it fall behind his back instead. ben found it hysterical. made him do it over and over and over and laughed hysterically every single time.

cake time!

wanted to help daddy blow out the candles. they were trick candles. that was enjoyable to watch. ben loved blowing them out again. and again. and again!

then the grown ups played a game of wits and wagers and ben colored and ate some snackies. aunt michelle always has the best treats at her house.

couldn't believe that we actually had a sequential run in the game.

wanted to play with his white board after using the giant one at aunt michelle's.

he wrote it all by himself! however, we cannot get him to write other letters. or practice them. is obsessed with writing his name, mom, and dad. oh well, soon enough.  and the remaining photos are of nick trying to get him to write other letters. he did a great job. but took lots of encouragement. 

my parents stopped by later for an impromptu birthday dinner. my lil bro was stuck at work and couldn't join us. boo. the joys of having grown up jobs, right?

our spread: sweet potato fries, fried pickles, curly fries, burgers, sandwiches, pizza. got a little of everything to try.

helping dad with presents.

some fun flavored jelly beans. because my mom can't buy a present and not include something food related.

was a perfect lazy sunday. loved being able to hang out with no real plans. probably for the best....

{beaner ended up sick that night. we didn't find out til the morning. poor man threw up and went back to bed. said that he felt better and didn't want to wake us. so strange since he'll holler for us if he can't get back into his sleeping bag at night.  he climbed into bed with us early that morning and asked for water. usually his telltale sign that he's got a fever. when we turned the lights on we noticed that he had some not so nice stuff crusted to his shirt. poor guy! called my mom... she was only home because it was a holiday, otherwise, she would have been on her way to work.  so thankful that she was able to come over and spend the day with him.}