ten on tuesday 2.12.13

- nick was setting up his new wii u, and i saw his new mii. i laughed and commented on his facial hair addition. i believe my snarky comment was, 'nice. did you like take a picture of yourself and that's what they came up with?' and to my surprise, he said, 'yes. actually it did.' what?!? things are getting so fancy these days. 

- ben now tells me that seriously is a bad word. i think he knows that i use it whenever i need a substitution. zomg. my child has figured out context. i'm in trouble!

- home projects are coming along. nick is so close to having the basement completely insulated. and it's sooo much warmer down there! amazing what a difference a little styrofoam makes! ben's big boy room should be started maybe this weekend. it's almost completely cleared out. and paint has be chosen. {there is a funny story but you'll get that on my wip posts...when i catch up. someday...}

- why can i tell the difference between coke and pepsi {team coke} but not sprite or 7up? maybe it's because i don't really drink the clear stuff? might need to experiment and do a taste test.

- had the real housewives of somewhere on waiting for top chef last week. holy shit. their faces scare me. seriously, they all look alike. and they're not cute. so sad.

- kinda bummed to find out they are cancelling the wizard of oz fest. i remember going with my family in middle school. i think that i missed the past few years, but had gone with my mom regularly the first few years i was married. hope someone will take it over. and i thought their might be a resurgence with the new movie being released.

- sorry for the annoying pop up that was happening on the blog. didn't realize it until today. {i don't read my blog much after it's posted.} should be fixed. if it ever happens again, please yell at me.

- some random grammy thoughts: john mayer looked like edward scissorhands. nick and i both commented at almost the exact time how crazy he looked. jt looked like travis wall from sytycd. melissa etheridge's hair scared me. i love fun., adele, and mumford and sons. chris brown is a tool and it makes me sad that i enjoy his music. {i will not purchase it. he and kanye have been banned.} the picture of ellen checking out katy perry's boobs makes me laugh. i think my next cd purchase will be the black keys.

- trying to plan ben's birthday party. easter is in march this year?!? so not convenient. ;)

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