ten on tuesday 2.25.12

- nick and i purchased an electric toothbrush. saw it at costco and couldn't pass up the deal. have discussed getting one forever. holy cow. that thing is serious. tickles the heck out of your mouth. definitely going to take some getting used to!

- have a mini getaway booked with the coopers!

- ben sleeps in a sleeping bag. hasn't sleep in his bed for months. well, minus like one night. when he climbs in at night, he tells me... 'i'm going to bed a caterpillar and i'm going to wake up a butterfly.' thank you eric carle.

- please, please no bad weather thursday. have an ikea trip scheduled woot!

- to follow up to last week's dunkin donut question: my coworker pointed out they sell dean's milk. ahhh...

- nick told ben to sit down it's time for breakfast, so ben sat on the floor where he was standing?! what is that? he knows we eat breakfast at the table!

- i'm not sure why but i always get cystic fibrosis and cerebral palsy confused. i know, i know. two completely different diseases. heck, i still confuse pink and yellow? and llamas and camels?

- working out the details for ben's party. invites soon!

- nick and i met with this woman, let it slip that i was a nurse. she then asked where. told her oncology and she said, 'ah a pessimist.' she's right. i encourage my patients but i'm always expecting the worst news possible.

- am really hoping that march doesn't storm in like a lion. february has been pretty darn hectic and i'm looking for a bit of a reprieve. ;)

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