ten on tuesday 2.19.13

- why aren't starbucks 24 hours? would make me so much happier. have been out late twice in recent weeks and tried to stop and had to settle for gas station cappuccinos.

- saw a dean's ice cream truck in front of baskin robbins? i thought they had their own brand?

- had someone tell me they were proud to be a good liar. is that something to be proud of? i'm not sure.

- nick was backing up and then slammed on the brakes and said, 'oh wait, your car doesn't beep!' zomg. thank goodness he realized. could have been a problem!

- went to get valentine flowers for ben's teachers. we pulled into the strack's parking lot and he said, 'momma are you sure they have flowers here?' apparently, i need to buy more flowers when grocery shopping. and he picked sparkly ones. boy after my own heart!

- another spelling mishap. saw throne spelled as thrown. huge difference people.

- had the real house wives of i can't remember where on, maybe california somewhere? and it is freakish how those ladies all look alike. no facial movements. funky lips and jaws. it's not right.

- last week was a bit chaotic. didn't get to put as many notes in my phone that i should have. it's making today's post a bit difficult.

- really want some good watermelon. were at a breakfast buffet this weekend and their strawberries were pretty decent. totally put me in a summer fruit mode.

- am enjoying my birthday pressies to myself. comfy new jacket. and fun new shoes!

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