wip 1.12.13

costco trip! had been ages. so much smarter for us to buy two cases of ben's milk at a time!

shorty still cannot reach the pedals on these. 

you can't see it, but it's a pinball machine. both boys were drooling.

why do they show a box for couches? i mean the boxes were too small to hold any of the furniture. so strange. however, we might end up buying our basement furniture from costco. i'll let ya know what size box it comes in if we do.


after costco, we ran to toys r us. i forget exactly what we were looking for. maybe we were just gonna let ben pick out something with his christmas money.

he spied a pink chair!

nick liked it better when he sat in the ninja turtle one.

then we checked out adjustable tricycles. we found one that worked!

and you can't have a tricycle without a helmet. so we tried out a few of those.

the winners. this trike and helmet. if you still read this, thanks great grandma! xo.

lazy morning.
beaner being silly watching jake and the neverland pirates while nick and i were getting ready to go out to dinner.

went to gamba's with another couple. spent a fortune. nick was drooling over ernesto's pork chop. i only remembered to take a picture of my dessert!

i wanted to lick the caramel from the plate. so good. 

came back to the house and watched pitch perfect. was our second time and was just as funny, if not funnier, than the first time we saw it.  

nick's bagel went missing.


we ended up having to move the fridge. well, nick did. so then it ended up that we swept and vacuumed back there and did those cleaning duties that often get over looked.

ben loves v8. if you open a can, watch out. he'll usually swipe some if not all of it.


lots of football and random games and activities through out the day. {mostly lace ups.} an impromptu grocery store outing. everything good sundays should be made of, right?

perfect weekend to slowly pick up our activities after being so darn sick.

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