ten on tuesday 2.5.13

- obsessed with phrases friends.  curse you, brandee.

- not really impressed with the new jt song. maybe he'll change my mind after performing at the grammy's this weekend.

- i miss planter's cheese balls. target brand is not the same.

- i think there might be an ikea trip in my future. makes me happy. it's like my disney land. ;)

- ben and nick were having a conversation in the car about rain or snow or some sort of precipitation. nick asked ben if he knew what cleaned off the windshield and ben said, 'yup, wipe shields.' close!

- if you're gonna be a manager you need to enforce all the rules. even the ones you don't agree with. it's just fair.

- top chef is making me want to take an alaskan cruise... not on carnival though! said that to nick while we were watching last week and two days later we got a celebrity brochure in the mail. strange!

- i know i suck at capitalization/punctuation. but i'm a stickler for proper spelling. just saw heel where heal should have been used. makes me cringe.

- went to old navy and bought nothing for myself. that never happens. i can usually find a scarf or necklace or a little something.  maybe it's that ikea trip in the back of my mind. subconsciously i'm thinking... save your money!

-  on second thought, i don't think it's my subconscious at work. i currently have another tab open and am browsing shoes and coats at zappos. ;-)

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