wip 12.22.12 - and christmas.

taking it easy before the holiday crazies begin...

pizza. deep dish to change it up a bit. was a bit disappointed with it from our regular place. live and learn...


nick and ben playing volleyball.

a little boy decided his guys needed to hang out here after his bath. ;)

nick and i did our grocery shopping while my mom watched ben. i wasn't too worried about my fashion choices. i was on a mission. 5+ year old crocs, wool striped socks, and purple sweats. ;)

he loves his fries. 

decided to open up and find out what was in the giant tin i won at work. holy giant candy jackpot.

breakfast at jelly with john and bill and the girls. hadn't been there before. not sure why? might be my new breakfast place! look at those specialty french toasts. and build your own bloody mary's?


we tried the red velvet and smores. and i think the cinnamon toast crunch was sampled as well. so good. sweet. order a half an order. ;)

someone had some ants in his pants...

three cute kids. 


after breakfast, we went to see rise of the guardians.{super cute movie.}
someone is all set.

found his ticket in the popcorn at one point!

came home and napped and got stuff ready for christmas.

my late night snack... i totally forgot how good they were! {i'm not a big cereal person.}

christmas eve! my mom and i divided the menu. makes life so much easier!

a lazy evening with my family. notice kevin and ben in the background on the other couch? we're chill like that.

snuggling with uncle kevin.

present time.
love that she brought everyone's organized by bag.

ben checking out the loot.

someone got a ninja turtle. was so excited!

he loved opening presents.

the annual christmas jello. :)

then, of course, there was a food present. dad got ketchup potato chips. he'll eat ketchup on anything.

and liquor.

i requested a bear's shirt from when my parents went to the game. scored this super cute one. good taste, dad!

kevin and his white castle box. i saved it for a year. i knew it was perfect wrap for him.

the perfect end to christmas eve is always a christmas story.


santa was here. 

digging through his stocking.

and now on to the big stuff.

squirrel game.

being careful when opening presents. not sure why!

super hero dominos.

a remote controlled garbage truck.

i think he is trying to figure out what's inside.

more turtle guys!

learning stuff.

super hero jams.

another game.

clean up time!

nick is super excited he got a helicopter.

then we had visitors: jer bear and gibi, bri, and trisha. enjoyed breakfast and then dug into the presents.

super hero chutes and ladders. awesome!

hulk stuff!

a marshmallow shooter. {i'm still finding marshmallows around the house.}

giving gibi a hand print he made at school.

christmas afternoon/eve time...

nick made prime rib. it was awesome. i forget what recipe he used. but it was dry aged.

waiting for presents.

ben's turn!

more turtle stuff!


grab bag time.

i was second to last. score! i had great pickings both times this year.

do you see something?

oh. there they are!

jingo. aka christmas bingo. someone forgot theirs. but i was able to find printable ones on the web, so we were good to go! and who needs chips when you have a house full of buttons?

family photo.
i couldn't decide which was better, so you get both.

time to relax and enjoy the presents and company.

ben loved the punching bag that cousin megan got him.

he actually used it so much that evening, it was flat the next morning. i think he punched a hole in it!

{sorry for the giant post. it's the only way i'll ever catch up. and wasn't terribly descriptive to save on time!}

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