wip 12.29.12 - and nye!

spent the evening enjoying ben's christmas pressies. mostly chutes and ladders and magformers.

time to play with nick's christmas pressie

movie watching.

and a b-dub outing.

time to play with more toys!

and use the face paint that santa left in his stocking.

chewbacca didn't need presents. only laundry.

new year's eve {so i'm just lumping it together. hope i can catch up quicker this way...}
nick and i both worked. i was able to only do a half a day and picked ben up from daycare early and we napped.

after nap time it was time to party with the coopers. okay, maybe party isn't the right word any more. ;)

of course ben found a sword in their house.

jay rocking some super manly slippers. can't go wrong with benny the bull.

cars and swords. what more does a boy need?

kids in jams just watching mov

the grown ups {jay, chris, me, nick, and ry} enjoyed cards against humanity.

i was feeling sick. again. seriously. so over these colds/flus. had been sick on and off since thanksgiving. boo.

my drink of the evening was water and juice boxes. woot!

the game was hysterical. dirty. maybe not suitable for all company. was pretty racy. i seriously laughed so hard at certain combinations that i was crying. i wish i could share some examples but they were awfully inappropriate.  i'm gonna leave some keywords here, so that we can have some memories: there is an app for that, ry and children, maybe she's born with it. if you're really curious, ask me next time you see one of us. nick will happily share. i will share, although, i might be blushing when i do so.

someone knocked over their water cup. it landed right side up.

a few moments later, another little one knocked over their popcorn cup and it too landed right side up. what are the odds?

uh oh. someone fell asleep.

second game of the evening. wits and wagers.
super fun game. totally pc. took a pic of this one because of how close we all were to guessing the year.

someone is still sleeping.

happy new years!

cheers friends!

our first family photo of 2013!

miss wynn never fell asleep. she outlasted braiden and ben. but she did have a hella nap before we came over.

we finally got into bed at 3 am on nye. we are so old. 

i ended up sleeping all day. nick was amazing, as always.

i don't think he realized that it was because i was sick and not just tired until i complained that afternoon that i couldn't call off the next day. {i had clia certification which i am in charge of for our office. some killer timing, right? thankfully, she was there early. we passed with 100% and i was able to leave and come home to sleep after.}

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