and some more recipes. {volume 4?}

i'm thinking this is volume four. might need to actually go back and figure it out. or maybe i should just give them all completely random numbers?

was exciting because we didn't have a lot of disappointments over the past few months. weeee!!!

french bread pizza: yum. i could eat a stouffer's one daily and usually i have a lean cuisine version at work in the freezer for emergency lunches. {i have a thing for pizza. and mexican, but i digress.} this was deeeelicious. quite possible one of my favorite-est pins. super easy. super tasty. love that it was done in less than 30 minutes. that's just a tad longer than a frozen pizza.

crock pot mushrooms: wonky pin. liked these much better than pw's version. gasp. shock. the horror! i know... would change em up a bit next time. the original recipes is as follows:  6 packages baby bella mushrooms 1 packet dry hidden valley ranch 2 sticks butter cook on low. we would use one stick of butter. throw in some red wine. and add some crushed garlic and a few other seasonings.

oven roasted garlic brussel sprouts: thumbs up from all who had them. including those whom had never eaten a sprout before.

buttery thyme bread: pw never fails when it comes to bread. delicious. didn't taste so good the next day though...

gone in a blink nacho dip: fan freaking tastic. so good. i want to make some right now and not share. ;) i didn't use a whole jar of salsa. just what we had leftover and i didn't grate fresh cheese. just used some taco mix i had in a bag. yum.

bacon cheese wreath: good. wasn't impressed with the flavor from the recipe though, so i added a bunch more bacon and chives. and i didn't get fancy and put it in wreath form. {couldn't find time to blog for a few weeks, can't think i have time to get fancy?!}

the best hash brown casserole: not sure if it's been shared here or not. totally deserves to be. it's an old favorite. i could have it for breakfast daily. with a coke.

fettuccine alfredo:  had a huge taste for alfredo and nick was sweet and made me dinner to alleviate that craving. he said he made adjustments. only used 1 1/3c milk. used 1 tsp minced garlic. 4 oz. parm. cheese. and 1/4 pepper. needed salt. and a bit more pepper.

broccoli quinoa casserole:  yum. trying to use more quinoa. have a few breakfast recipes i'm anxious to try as well. really enjoyed this. not too labor or time intensive. tasty and filling. and both of the boys enjoyed it. :)

chicken and noodle casserole: added twice the noodles. and i doubted myself and didn't just add it in the beginning. so i added it as it cooked. just looked too soupy. i wanted it to be more noodle-y. was really good. and nick liked it. which is hard to do when it comes to these kind of dishes. will find it's way into our regular meals for sure. 

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