i'm feeling super overwhelmed and lazy right now...
but we did have a wonderful staycation. a perfect combo of busy and not busy! pictures someday....

have tons to do before we leave for cedar point on wednesday.
why did every trip have to come in a one month time span?! pure chaos.

have the photo challenge almost completed. not sure that's gonna happen. had a hard time remembering what was on the list and somehow deleted the list on my iphone.... might have 15 of the 20 if i'm lucky. might post what i did do after the deadline.  just not sure what i can get done in the next 40 hours. well, not 40. we leave in 40. minus the 18 of work. minus like 14 for sleep. sigh. so i should stop blogging to get some random things done so i can blog more tomorrow!!

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KJ said...

C'mon! You can finish the pics!! I went out and took 8 pics last night because I thought it had to be posted today! LOL!!