i like shopping. some may say i have a problem... but not today.
we were car shopping.
so not a fan of car shopping. i hate that it's so hard for that sales person to just give you a number. really, i just want to know how much. and your financing options. i don't want you to tell me that my trade in value is this and we offer this rebate so you're looking at this... um, that's not a deal and we never said that we had a trade in. sigh.
and why must honda make my life difficult. if the pilot had captain's chairs we would have our car. but no, only bench. blech.
thinking it's between the flex and the traverse. nick is in love with the flex. i think it's kinda funny looking but hey, it's technically going to be his car. and as long as the price is right and it isn't stick i'm fine with it! ;-P


Monica said...

I didn't care for the flex either until a friend of mine got one. It's awesome! make sure you get the remote to open and close the back door. She didn't think she needed it, but I couldn't reach it to close it. Good luck!

Kache said...

I agree, hate car shopping. The advertised deal never seems to apply to me for some reason...