wip 8.21.10

trying to catch up!!

nick's first official day of vacation. we got up early and ran some errands. and had breakfast at the scrambled diner!
then it was our grown up trip to st. louis. yay roadtrips. yay trivia to pass the time. yay for new cars.
the ride went well. we left a bit later than planned. nick lost his keys. and he finally found them in the most bizarre place. on the salt bag in the garage. i can see in the fridge or a drawer in the kitchen....

got to st. louis and headed to outback to spend some time with irwin {jay's cousin}.
no lying... nelly came on the radio as soon as we made it to the city. {my iphone pic is better but i haven't uploaded that yet...}

jason enjoying his two potatoes with a side of meat.

the boys were thrilled with our sleeping arrangements. i mean what grown boy doesn't want a basketball game in their bedroom? tom, nick, and jason were in heaven. i believe there is video of tom and jay acting very, very mature.

3 couples in one bedroom. nick and i took the floor for the first night... yay for free lodging.

the volleyball tournament.
oy. we are so old. well at least i felt ancient. we played fourteen games. in about 7 hours. and it was all you can drink/eat. came in second place. and we are totally okay with that. the team who got first plays and wins in some semi-pro tournaments.

cheese. imagine chris with her eyes open. no crazy good pictures. was just concentrating on not dying.

i told you those boys were in love with that thing...

we found a local mexican restaurant for dinner. 3 margaritas. was delcious. and no we didn't eat all of it! 

i wanted to stop at a place i saw on man vs. food. totally did not disappoint. crown candy kitchen.
got their early, luckily. apparently a line forms before it opens and it's at least a 30 minute wait for the rest of the day!

thank you nice lady who offered to take our picture.

jas enjoying his strawberry shake.

hello butterscotch malt. i love you.

nick enjoyed his chili cheese dog and cholate malt.

and chris got a chocolate marshmallow shake {tasty!} and a cobb salad {huge!}. would definitely recommend checking it out if you are in the area.

and a parting shot of the arch. i always try to snap some photos whenever we drive past... you would think i would be better at it by now!

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Kache said...

Sounds like a lot of fun, congrats on 2nd place!
And now I want to try a butterscotch malt