wip 8.7.10

don't want to let this one get away from me and forget what we did!

ben and i were busy while nick worked. ran a boatload of errands and were pretty darn productive. then we had a playdate in the afternoon with kara. nice to sit and chat. then i went to girls night.

hit up lake county fair. the parking is ridiculous. ridiculous. i mean seriously. they need to do something about it. it took us forever to get into the grounds. i thought for sure it would be crazy crowded but thankfully it was not.

they had this crazy cup that you could refill with some tasty pop. nick decided that ben should try the creme soda....

 ben loved the animals. we were able to get him to moo at the cows this time! he couldn't get enough of the billy goats or the petting zoo.

went to the 'subdivision celebration' in the evening. was really nice! looking forward to next year's.
ben enjoyed the dancing. first with mommy and then with wynn. ;-)

nick played softball. we went and watched for a bit. ben liked playing in the rocks.

then it was the august birthday festivites at our house. my lil bro turns 26 and my mom 62. thought that was pretty neat! ben kept trying to steal the presents. christmas should be fun this year!

this one just cracks me up.

and giving grandma birthday kisses.

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Kache said...

sounds quite productive!
like the zoo pic and the stare down one is very funny too