12 on the 12. august 2010 edition.

- i'm not sure the photo hunt is gonna happen. i've been a super slacker. i think most pictures that i've posted as of late have been taken by nick!
- pretty sure the hunt for nick's car will be complete at the time of this posting. once we have it, it'll get it's own post.
- we finally have cable {only had a tv with dvd player previously} in our bedroom. it's only been 7 years. i think this will severely cut down on my kindle time.
- this was absolutely tasty as heck. was our breakfast all last week. i served it on toast. yum.
- thinks emily post would be disappointed with the lack of thank you cards nowadays.
- must scrap soon. my stock of cards {birthdays and thank yous} are almost non existent!
- feeling extremely grateful for family, friends, life...
- am on the hunt for a printable grocery list that works for me.
- not really excited for tonight's sytycd finale. normally i have someone that i'm cheering for. i honestly like them all this time.
- looking forward to some upcoming getaways but knowing i'm gonna miss the heck out of beaners.
- need to post a ben update. next week....
- officially started christmas shopping!

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Kache said...

yeah, i miss all kinds of cards, including thank yous1