meet mr. flex.

he/she doesn't have a name yet.
soon. maybe we'll decide his/her name this weekend on our trip to st. louis. maybe it'll just come to us.

a bit of the details: mediterranean blue, six seater, luggage rack, auto close trunk, fun sync features, captains chairs in the second row. and i think that's all i know.  we just couldn't do a bench in the middle row. nor did we think we could fit three adults comfortably in the rear seat.

nick did so much of the research for this decision. but he's extremely happy with the purchase which is so great. i hate buyers remorse. especially on something so expensive. 

i've only been in it once since we've owned it! nick is trying to convince me that we should drive it everywhere. however, it's not that fuel efficient, so the deal was that we would use lil miss hybrid for our typical day to day stuff. working on it. i'm sure it'll be easier once the newness wears off!

and maybe if i wasn't too lazy to upload my pics from this weekend, i would share a real picture of nick's car. but i love that the picture i could find online, that was closest to nick's, had nelly in it! the difference is that nick's isn't two toned. the car/roof is all one color.


Monica said...

I love the sync feature on my car! It's so much fun! congrats on the new car!

Carrie said...

Congrats on the new car!