it's been soooo long since nick and i have gone on vacation. and it will continue to be a while longer before we travel on our vacation.... well, sorta.
tomorrow starts our week long vacation. yay!

it's starting off with a friend trip to st. louis. can't wait. we always have such a good time. hoping the humidity isn't too terrible. it's to play sand volleyball all day long! hoping the rain stays away too!

we're coming home sunday and then have a week with mr. bean.  don't have anything set in stone for the week. just some ideas of what to do: ft. wayne zoo, bellaboos, the aquarium, a splash pad, hiking/biking, drive in. so many options! looking forward to just taking it one day at a time and doing whatever we want whenever we want!

cannot wait to spend some quality time with my two loves.
will try to post {gotta love the scheduled post feature} but no promises! ;-)
and i haven't forgotten about last weekends picture post. maybe tomorrow before we leave.... maybe.

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Kache said...

Happy vacation, enjoy the time with the family!