winter + nurse =

super dry, cracked, painful hands for shannon. so not fun.
have tried pretty much everything to treat it and nothing works.
yes, i've tried bag balm and yes, that stuff is nasty.

this year i've tried something new.

seriously. has made quite a difference. my hands are still killer dry. and my knuckles still crack and bleed. {sorry. but it is true.} but it's not as bad as previous years.  been trying to slather it on at night and sleep with it on there! will not wear gloves to bed. nope. can barely wear socks and you think i'm wearing gloves... absolutely not!

thinking to buy an extra bottle for work instead of lugging one back and forth!


Diana said...

Not sure if you remember me or not from KNK but I still read your blog regularly (just don't comment - I know my bad). Anyway I thought I'd suggest if you haven't heard is Aquaphor. I have really bad cracked feet so I know how your hands feel and let me tell you this stuff is wonderful! It's a bit expensive but oh so worth it. Hope you find something that works for ya!

MICHELLE said...

I was goingto tell you that Aquaphor works great .We use it at work.It helps with all the hand washing we do.$9 a jar.