weekend project.

a new sink!
nick wanted to put it in before christmas. i freaked. thought how the hell am i supposed to host christmas if something goes wrong?! of course, nick was upset at my pessimistic ways. we finally had some time this weekend, so he went for it!
i have to say, i'm very proud of him. did it all by himself. who knew my little video game nerd could be so handy! ;o)

before: yucky stainless double basin sink.

during: nick hard at work.


after: a new granite sink. nice big basin. cool new faucet. {that i'm still getting used too!} and a new quieter garbage disposal.



yay home improvements!


Liz said...

The sink looks fantastic!!! WTG Nick!

Michelle said...

Nice work Nick !!!!!!!!!!

Kache said...

I'm jealous, I don't like my split sink!