12 on the 12th.

so i was never really good at it. {for those who don't know, you take 12 pictures on the 12th day of the month and then share your pictures as a post....}

thinking i'm going to change it up and post twelve random thoughts on the twelth, since the blog is picture overloaded anyway. ;-)

-my feet are cold. they always are... but i can't go to sleep with cold feet, so i need to fix this soon.
-had a nice time at mommy's night out. wish my two certain individuals could have joined me but i understand impending labor and a child in the er.
-am itching to try out my new cookbook but have been a nice friend and let some people borrow it...
-am not sure what's wrong with me... i have a package and i haven't opened it. i love mail and packages!!
-has scrapped the past few nights and it makes me happy.
-thinks it's so fun that ben can try all table foods. i hear string cheese was a big hit tonight.
-is longing to go to the library. or a bookstore...
-need to figure out a birthday gift for nick from ben!
-thinks it's sad that i thought today was 'warm.' it was 20 flippin degrees.
-am lucky to have some pretty cool people in my life.
-wants to have a movie night to watch cloudy with a chance of meatballs. and am looking forward to where the wild things are being released on dvd.
-saw that there is now chicago style popcorn from okedoke. can't find it on their website... aha, here's the only thing i can find... but it can't be as good as garrett's. totally regret not buying it. thinking i'm going to grab a bag just because!

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Liz said...

we loved Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs! Love your take on 12 on the 12th...