a quick thanks.

to you lovely readers who are leaving comments. so fun!
and i know there are more of you out there... you can say hello too!

some replies to the posts since i'm not sure you guys are opting to be notified when someone else posts a reply....

the pop cupcakes were a hit. except for mixing white cake with dark cola/pop/soda. i also baked mine for the entire time that was suggested on the box. yes, they were sticky and the wrappers came loose after a few days, but they were tasty.  i've also been told it works in cake form and tastes better the day after! haven't tried my cream soda one yet. also thinking that you could mix strawberry with white and that might be good. with some coconut frosting. seriously, i'm going to be 200# by the time i try all the combos i have swimming around my head!

clementines. yes, i knew they were mandarin oranges. i think it's the seedless thing that really makes me love them! i've been able to find them for $4.99 for 5 pounds. cuties even has their own website. there is a place to sign up for coupons. i have not received one yet and signed up a week or two ago. i know jewel carries cuties. so you could nab them with your preferred card and coupon for mayb $3.99 on a good week.

and for fellow couponers.
check out these websites. redplum. smartsource. coupons. coupon surfer. i've also done searches for a specific product and sometimes their websites will have links for coupons!

k. i hope i'm up to date on responding to all the responses!

if i missed ya, it wasn't intentional! ;o)


Michelle said...

I told someone at work who tried lemon cake and diet cherry 7up.They said it was great.The cake does form doesnt rise like regular cakes.

P90X said...

the cake does form doesnt rise like regular cakes.