home sick.

got the phone call at work that ben was running a fever. left work early to go get the poor lil guy. he's sleeping up a storm. hoping this blows over and we don't need to visit the pediatrician.

nick and i are splitting staying at home tomorrow. i love, love, love our jobs. so flexible. so i'm on morning shift with ben while nick works. then nick is going to come home and i'll go to work for the afternoon. it is my night to close the office, so it works out well.

since he was miserable i didn't bother with pictures. i'm hoping to grab them tomorrow morning. maybe i can catch him bright eyed and bushy tailed?!

til then a ben picture to tide ya over. it's been a while...
this picture cracks me up. the crazy toothed smile or something! ;o)

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Michelle said...

Poor little guy.I hope he's better today.I love that hair.I think you should let it grow.He would be a cute hippy.Hey I started some coupon saving it does seem like a lot of work.