grocery buzz.

i used to hate grocery shopping. dispise it. and we used to spend ridiculous amounts of money. paid no attention to pricing, coupons, sales. just bought what we wanted, when we wanted. not that there's anything wrong with that... but now that i've realized how much i can save, i think it's totally worth the hassle!

now it's fun. a game. {krystn, i understand your obsession with the grocery game a while ago!}
took a class with clair in the fall. check out her webiste. love her! have subbed to the chicago trib on sundays just for the coupons. and also sub to all you. both are completely worth the subscription price and have already paid for themselves!

today i scored big. so proud of myself!
got this at jewel for $56.78!!!

here's a closer look at the items.
the veggie section. peppers, cilantro, onions, carrots, celery, potatoes, jalepenos...

misc items. cream cheese, sour cream, string cheese, canned items, tortillas, beef, cut off a bottle of mccormick's spice, and a bit of baby stuff...


 lots of baby stuff. lots of food {there are at least 10 gerber two packs and four bottles of 3rd stages food...}, snackies, wash, cereal, and some yoplait delights!


 then there's pasta, salsa, chips, and bread.
{nick said his salsa splurge ruined some of my savings! he felt kinda bad after he realized what it cost. but that's okay!!}


not bad right?
$106.17 was the original total.
saved $17.84 in preferred card savings. $31.55 in coupons!

the coupons kinda came at a price. you see walgreens gives out register rewards. these rewards can be used at jewel. today alone i nabbed $19 dollars in RR from walgreens. but i did spend $60 to get those.
this is what i got for $60...

plus 5- 12 packs of pepsi products. yes 5!
i saved almost $40 dollars at walgreens. $23 in walgreens sales, about $10 in coupons, and $6.50 in walgreens coupons.

if you add it all up, i think that's pretty good... all that loot for about $110!


Carrie said...

I get our Sunday paper mainly for coupons and ads too.

The most I've saved with the store card and coupons was about $70. Everything I bought was on sale, plus I had coupons for a lot of the stuff.

Tina said...

That's awesome! I tried to do that, with my coupons all arranged and stuff, but after forgetting them too many times, gave up. When I did remember, my coups were expired. I do shop sales, but Aldi is a regular and other stores for special items (on sale). But yes, I'm glad it's fun for you now.

Kache said...

I'm getting all misty eyed. ;)
nice job! Too cool that you can use RRs at the grocery store, those are my favorite.