24 weeks.

the time is flying by.
you kids will have to bear with the photogenic picture this time. i haven't been sleeping despite the fact that i'm soo bleeping tired. wish you could see the super cute haircut i got this week. i just didn't have the energy to do it this morning. my hairdresser is exactly as far along in her pregnancy as i am, but she's having twins. a boy and a girl. she is tiny! so cute. anywho.

have my appointment on tuesday. anxious to hear that heartbeat again and go over the results of the ultrasound. just wanting some reassurance today. not sure why... maybe because i've been thinking a lot about my mom. she delivered my brother at 27/28 weeks. cannot imagine delivering in 4 weeks. nope. not gonna think about it. just weird to think about and compare.

the kidlet is about the size of an ear of corn. still not 100% positive on the kicks/movements. i do get some rather strange sensations below my belly button. tends to get really hard too. and i'm thinking these crazy urges to pee are from the kidlet using my bladder as a trampoline. but i couldn't tell ya for sure. i could just be going crazy.

feeling like my appetite is slowing down. haven't been as ravenous as i have in the previous weeks. i'm still seriously hungry in the morning. it's crazy until after lunch. then it mellows out.

no new cravings. just my smoothie kick every single morning. still want nothing to do with potato chips. craving more fruits. which i guess is a good thing! even made a second smoothie today to quench that craving!

most people are guessing it's a girl. nick's family has said that from day one. his aunt especially. they were still adamant about it on thanksgiving. i know nick's cousin is also thinking it's a girl. no one is really fessing up to thinking it's a boy. however, it's funny to hear people try and talk about baby. it/he/she. then they try to correct themselves if they refer to it in one gender or the other.

ooh, have been able to sleep through the night! no more pee breaks at 3 am. so exciting. now if only i could sleep again. i know these past two days have been an exception, but still. i want to stockpile those sleep hours now!

have a super busy week. will try to keep with frequent updates. most definitely will update on tuesday with baby news after the appointment. hmmm, and maybe tomorrow for some randomness.


Anonymous said...

You look marvelous!!


Heather said...

you look great! I craved sooo much fruit with Megs it was insane... not so sure about that theory about the boys/girls... you never know, but I can't wait to hear!