we did it.

here we are. at the butt crack of dawn. it's probably not that early now. maybe 7ish. us being dutiful citizens and voting. look at our red and blue scrubs. we're dorks. and no, they don't represent how we voted! and yes, people looked at us like we were crazy when i made nick take this picture!
waited a while. was way late to work. oh well.
can't wait to see how it turns out. either way. should be quite an interesting evening.
oh and my county/polling place was lame. no stickers or notes.
this is what i ended up with...
on the left you'll see the 'note' from my polling place. doubt i'll need it for work but hey, why not? the buttons were made at work. one of our receptionists heard i was angry that i didn't get a sticker so she wanted to make me one. the top right is her original verson. we then decided to look for a 'real' one online and then printed it on the color printer. we were even smart enough to laminate them. and by laminate them, i mean cover them in packing tape for protection. ;o)

happy election day!
oh and hopefully a non political post tomorrow....

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Heather said...

yay for voting! I voted for the first time this year! yay!