103 pairs of socks.

no, i don't own that many pairs.... i don't think.
however, nick just got a phone call that our friend does have 103 pairs. so the boys are discussing who has more. there is NO way i have that many! so nick now wants to count them.
i do love socks. the cuter the better. and the warmer the better. but considering i really only wear them in winter and to work, there isn't even a possibility that i have more than that. christy so has me beat.
i'm sure there will be an update at some point on this blog when my silly husband decides he has to count my socks. ;o)


Kache said...

Ok, you're really a posting queen right now. Almost there!

I wish I had some organization advice, but I'm drowning in everything right now!

I tape SNL and haven't watched it yet. Now I'm happy I didn't delete it. I love Paul Rudd...

Anonymous said...

Hmm, 103 pairs, I might be close...