plugging away...

at the to do list i posted friday. got lots done including lots that hadn't made the list. like donating almost 50 books to the library. yay books! boo spending on books i only read once...

my stuff is mostly done. still currently working on packing the study. still need to compile the list of addresses. which i guess i have some time considering the invitations could take 3 weeks to arrive?! wha? didn't wrap gifts or order christmas cards. but i did look at a lot. there are sooo many choices!
even made nick dinner... gourmet of course. ;o) recipe can be found here.

my mom always made me the mini verson for my birthday. minus the cheese. was feeling a bit nostalgic and wanted some for dinner. nick loved em. the cheese was a pretty tasty addition! the left overs even reheated well. double bonus!

nick had a few snafu's with some of his projects. he gave up and started crocheting again! maybe i'll, ahem, our kid, will get a blanket out of it! wanted this one. not sure if that'll happen. have to stop at j's to thumb through some books and give him a want list.
if anyone is a crochet-er and have a fav, fun blanket... please share!


Anonymous said...

I love to crochet baby afghans!! I'll look thru patterns and see what I can find for Nick :)


Liz said...

I can tell how much better you're feeling by all the bloginess! Glad to see you back!