23 weeks.

so crazy.
feeling good. feeling fat. ;o) all the comments from friends, family, and patients help with that! makes me laugh. that they are comfortable enough to joke with me.
still napping consistently throughout the week.
have been less hungry. which i guess is a good thing considering i'm feeling so fat. still eating plenty. just not as much. still fast. but smaller quantities.
no weird cravings. okay, i lied. friday night we were going to have pasta. on a whim, i decided that a cheeseburger and fries would be much, much better!
made my first purchase at motherhood this week. my girlfriend, shela, convinced me i need their pants. i do. they are comfy! however, they need to work on their sizing. medium is too small and large is too big. where is lardium? i kid. but they need some inbetween sizes....
trying to figure out what to wear to all these holiday festivities. wishing there were more cute maternity stores nearby. oh well.
been wearing nick's scrubs to work with some tees. been comfy, cozy. hope this solution works the next few months! i do not want to buy more scrubs!
have lots to get done with the shower this week... fingers crossed i can complete my to do list!

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Brandy said...

oooh! the motherhood pillow for trying clothes on made me officially feel pregnant!!