20 week review.

so i'm a little behind since technically i'm now 21 weeks. but it'll do.
and depending on what website you go to it varies a few weeks anyway...

picture taken 11.2.08. not the greatest. but is keeping with our monthy tradition. tank and that same ole trusty wall. not that you readers would know, since i haven't really shared those sexy pics!

had a check up with my ob's np 10.29.08. {during week 18, according to her - the nurse practitioner} {again with the differences in time...} doing good. gaining weight. think i'm up 12-ish pounds so far. could be worse! baby bean's heartbeat was 150. so she, the np, thinks it is a boy. my ob thinks it is a girl. his rationale was that the heartrate was easy to find at the check up in september and the rate was 170 then. kinda funny that they both guessed differently.
ultrasound is scheduled for 11.19. could have been sooner but those crazy floods i mentioned a while back are really messing with my plans. they had to close their main campus due to flooding and are trying to accomodate lots and lots of patients with the smaller site.

after all of the craziness the first trimester brought, the second has been a breeze. yes, i have fatigue. and back pain. but all in all, i think i'm doing pretty darn good. not much nausea. it's hit or miss. dependent upon smells i encounter through out the day. i can't imagine having constant nausea and trying to do my job. that would be so not fun.

the napping is on the decline. usually just a really big one sometime mid week. otherswise, most nights i can stay awake until bedtime. crazy to think that something like not napping is a huge feat!

i'm really glad to be working so much. i think it's helping keeping me in check with food and exercise. and it gives me something to do other than worry! which is on the decline. i mean what can i do now? been focusing on all the remodeling and organization going on in the house. but dreading having to buy new scrubs. it's getting close. maybe i'll just nab nick's. would be so much cheaper!

no new, crazy cravings. haven't really had a desire to eat potato chips. totally odd for me. have had a hankering for fruit. all kinds. again, totally odd for me. nothing like the crazy chicken nugget cravings that were going on the first few weeks. that was just silly!

have felt flutters for a while now. not sure about definite kicks. however, today i think i might have felt the bean doing some flips. who knows! and i'm sure once the big ones start, i will wish for the days when the were less painful and more flutters. ;o) i know nick is dying to feel a kick.

he's still the cutest throughout this whole thing. i get yelled at a lot for trying to do too much. ahem, climbing on counters and carrying certain items. he's a hoot. it's funny to see the annoyance when i'm like, 'babe...' and then when i explain what i need, he's eager to help. honestly, i'm not milking it too much. really not at all. i try to steer clear of the dishwasher and cat vomit. just afraid it would push me over the edge and i really don't want that!

have two front runners for names picked out. kinda leery on one since it's becoming more and more common. sad, since it's been one of our names forever. might still be. who knows. also stumbled across a variation of another increasingly common name that we kind of like. if you guys have any suggestions, we're totally open. so bombard us. i think that we're sticking with our middle names for the kid... so ryan for a boy and marie for a girl.

the baby banana {that's the size at 21 weeks} almost has a room. the closet is done. nick did a great job. and for cheap. thank you lowes. really like how it turned out. just found out the crib will be delivered in a few weeks. the room will be emptied out next weekend and the painting will begin. fun!

i have caved a bought a few clothes. i think two outfits. darn kohls and their half off sale a few weeks ago...

could not help myself with this cow one. i saw it online and had to have it. soooo cute! i even bought it a for like 6 mos i think. figured i would get tons of newbie stuff at the shower and if not, i can go on a shopping spree! really liked that it was unisex and not green, yellow, or orange!

then i found this one while i was in the store. so much for avoiding the yellow, green, and orange! the feet were just too cute! so i came home with these two outfits for like $15. go me!

k. enough. baby bean overload. and if you read the whole thing, i'm so proud!! ;o)


Liz said...

woohoo!!! Love the pic... thanks for sharing! You look great. Love the little outfits you bought too (I couldn't resist buying some way before they were born too... even before I knew gender).

names... Grayson was almost Austen or Cameron (and if he was a girl it would have been Kirsten). I still like Kirsten (don't ask me why Morgan isn't Kirsten... it just didn't feel right), and Claire and Kate but I don't know if those last two would go with Marie. I'll keep thinking!

Carmen said...

YAY! I love baby bump pics! You look great!! I'm vote borrow Nick's scrubs. ;) The baby clothes are cute! I'm impressed you restrained and only bought two. I also did baby shopping before the kiddos were here.

Love the afghan Nick's making for you! The colors are perfect!

Good Luck with the rest of the pregnancy, I'm still thinking of you and baby bean!

TracyDacy said...

I read every single solitary word and look forward to more!!! You look fantastic Shannon. I can just see Nick being overly attentive - you're better than me as I'd be milking that one til beyond the baby's birth!

psucolleen said...

YOU LOOK FANTASTIC!! I love baby bean bump photos! Names eh..... I've always liked "Aiden" for a boy. That was a one-sided affection with the name, which explains why I don't have a son named Aiden. It wasn't popular 12 years ago but it's getting much more popular now!

Girls... they seem to be trendier names. I like a lot of the older, classic names and some traditional Gaelic names. Not sure that's the direction you're going.

SOunds like you're doing REALLY well... the 2nd trimester is usually a bit easier and it sounds as though that's how it's been for you. Just wait til you're able to sit down, put something like a cup (empty, please!) or the tv remote on your belly & watch it move! Nick will get a kick out of that! (no pun intended).

KJ said...

Yay!!! Finally baby bump photos!! Lookin' good, girl!

Names...I always liked Avery for a boy or a girl. Kinsey for a girl.

That blanket is beautiful! That would be so sweet if Nick could get that done for the baby!

Those outfits are so stinkin' cute! The cow is my fave.

Anonymous said...

Shannon - so good to hear it's all going well and you look great ! Thanks for letting us all share : ). Love your purchases - I think we can all confess to buying goodies at this stage : ).
Names are fun and frustrating ( we have lots of name books) - we didn't have alternatives for the boy - but I like Christopher, Simon and Matthew - for a girl, Maddi was nearly Sophie ( there were a lot around 12 years ago) and if Elliot had been a girl, Charlotte Lydia. I also loved Phoebe - didn't work well for German speakers, also Felicity and Raphaella.

Good luck to Nick with the blanket - it's beautiful - I don't crochet but knit - I did manage to finish Maddi's blanket, Elliot's is still waiting to be knitted - he's started knitting at school - suggested he could do his own blanket now : ).

Best wishes, Alison

Breana said...

you looks great Shan!

Anonymous said...

You look fantastic!

I wanted to name AJ Grant Andrew, but Steve didn't like Grant.

With both pregnancies, if we would've had a girl, Amanda, which, there's like a ton of those now.

Good luck with the names.

And cute outfits!!

psucolleen said...

Oh that's so interesting that Alison posted "Charlotte"... I just mentioned that name to Shannon, too! I like "Grant" as well, Carrie.

One for a girl I didn't mention (because it's REALLY hard to relay in writing) is the Gaelic pronunciation of "Meghan"... it's pronounced "Mee-an" (long e, silent gh). It's my cousin's name and I've always loved it. She goes by "Meg" now but I still call her by the original pronunciation.