yesterday kicked my ass more than i realized.
tried to go to joann's. walked in the door and turned around and walked right back out. the line was wrapped around the building. craziness.
so i stopped at the bank, hello christmas bonus! came home and ordered what i wanted from joann's online. just getting some storage solutions for the new room. so close to being done. i did leave a few things off the order. figured i could get them cheaper after accumulating some 40% off coupons!
laid around like a bunch of slugs. okay, nick did rip up the carpet upstairs and pull the pad out. then it was pure laziness. bunch of mythbusters and get smart.
made this for dinner. twas okay. not sure if it hit the spot.
these however, were a bright spot in the long day that was yesterday. that and the dinner we had at cappos with nick's mom afterwards. yumminess.
lesse. since i've been a complainer the last few posts... what else have we done.
mantle is up. looks great. now just have to find stuff to put on it. pictures soon. have to take some 24 week shots tomorrow too... so maybe it will be one ginormo picture post. going out with a bang for the last of the 30 posts in 30 days...
watched run fatboy run. so much funnier than anticipated.
not much else. looking forward to the rest of the lazy day.


Brandy said...

i'm exhausted from the eating itself, can't imagine being 6 mos pregnant too!! online shopping was the better decision and looking forward to the ginormo pic post!

Kache said...

I did all shopping online too. Have that buckeyes recipe torn out and sitting on my kitchen table, how weird!

Monica said...

I went to JoAnn's too and yea the line was wrapped around the building here too. Luckily they were out of the one thing I wanted so I left.

Laura Vigliarolo said...

Love mythbusters, Tim has some on DVD