murphy's law #2985

order lens doctor as seen on a late night infomerical in january. contact the company in february since you still don't have the kit. let your dad and brother wax your glasses in march... making them totally worthless. go to the eye doctor and order new glasses. get the lens doctor in the mail yesterday and the call from the doctor's office today saying your new glasses are in.
come on. what are the odds? does the lens doctor people know when you are going to the doctor? do they wait for your name to be entered into some conspiracy database and then release the scratch repair kit?! no, i really don't think that... but the coicidence factor is just way too weird!
gonna play around with the camera timer and share some new glasses pictures soon!


Meredith said...

LOL! Hiya Murphy!

KJ said...

Too funny! Can't wait to see the new glasses! :)