random thoughts.

have lots of stuff jumping around this lil ole brain of mine. thought this might be an easier way to get it out of there!
  • spring cleaning. it's lovely. hated it when i lived with the parents. and haven't really gotten into since we've moved out. um, yes. it has been almost 3 years! but yesterday was gorgeous. high 70s. so we were able to pull some weeds, fertilize the trees, talk about building our patio. then i came in and used quite possibly my favorite cleaning tool. the magic eraser. how flipping cool is that little thing. i attacked all my walls. so long scuff marks. even tackled the hallway that was mutilated when our furniture was delivered. and i love the smell of bleach. oh so clean and so fresh. the joy of being able to open up the windows, light some candles, and just relax and smell the air! so great.
  • money. oy. why is it when it rains it pours? in less than one month, we have shelled out some serious cash on random stuff. nick's car had to be fixed. i needed new glasses. how is it that someone who works in the healthcare field can have no dental/vision insurance? then i get a crack in my windshield. yes, the rain sensor feature is nice but i would loved to have paid less thn $500 for a new windshield.
  • happiness. why can't people stop trying to fit someone else's definition of happiness? we all have different thoughts, dreams, goals. so stop worrying what people think and live for yourself. for instance, the american dream may be to be married, live in a wonderful house in a lovely community, have children, and pets and be oh so happy. having all of those things doesn't equal happiness. take nick and i for example. we don't have children and are happy as clams. we are okay with that. with who we are. we realize that our plans and ideals may change and we will adjust for that. but just because people think that we should have children doesn't mean we are gonna run out and pop out a couple of kiddos.
  • holidays. stress. trying to fit in seeing everyone. i think i'm going to try and institute a different day of celebration. it is just getting out of control. hmmm.. or maybe i can plan a vacation around every holiday! ; )
  • pictures. i have not developed any yet this year?! what the heck is that all about? i need to get on that. now it's gonna take a zillion years to upload them to the developing sites. i think the majority are on imagestation since you can share photo albums that way. maybe i will just go that route. also must back them up onto dvds. nick's gotta show me how to do that... i already forgot!
  • cooking. the foodnetwork obsession is in full swing. been loving the search for the next food celebrity or whatever the heck it's called! love top chef! and don't let me get started on iron chef again. darn reruns!
  • brothers. love him. such a great guy. cracks me up. just says the silliest, randomist stuff. hung out with him a bit last night. good to be seeing him more. thank goodness school is almost out for the semester. he had been going into hiding for a while! and so thankful that he's good with cars. gonna save nick and i some moola. he's gonna redo his breaks. gotta love that! and the free car washes. good times!
  • scrapbooking. i have a boatload of crap. haven't gone shopping since cku girls were in town! woohoo. i did buy some extras for the kit clubs i belong too. but other than that, i'm trying to behave. might needs ome adhesive. hopefully, i can be strong and make it til the end of the month before i go shopping. i think it could be timed quite well with all of the national scrapbooking day sales that should be taking place that first week of may!
enough blabbering. gots to get ready for some easter festivities. happy easter everyone!


KJ said...

Spank...$500 for the windshield?! That's so handy that your bro can do your brakes for ya! What a sweetie! Don't have kids until you're sure. And, hey, if that time never comes, so be it! It's your life! :)

Kache said...

So, tell me about this rain sensor thing. Does it tell you when it's raining ;)

I think spreading out the holidays is a good idea, that way everyone can relax and have time to enjoy each other.

Man I wish I had remembered Nat'l scrap day or whatever is May. I would have held off a little on the spending. Good luck!

Brandy said...

I can relate to quite a bit! You should mix bleach and scrapping, could be fun. We were in the yard too but got far less done, good for you though.

Heather said...

ahh... what a list!

hope the celebrations went good- and no worries, Shannon, when (if) you have a child, the question then becomes "When are you having your next one?" and when (if) you have the next one, the question changes to "Are you having anymore?" lol never ends!

Lisa said...

LOL, I love the way your "lil ole brain" works! Totally with you on the $$ thing, it sucks. Oh and with me, it's not the constant question of kids, it's the constant question of "are you ever gonna get married?"