learned a new game last night. actually, i was told i was taught it once before. i honestly don't remember. but that is usually how it goes when i'm being stubborn. i just block it out of my mind!
jas and chris came over after they and nick played soccer. it was cold and i'm not a big fan of running! :) we had some schoops and watched chicken little. it was cute. jas made us rewind a few times. so did nick. they have a tendency to do that on the funny parts! not what i expected, but good nonetheless.
then it was on to double solitaire. gosh, i do love that game. i will have to post the rules so you kids can give it a go. after three rounds of that, jas decided we should play pinochle. boys vs girls of course. kinda fun. i have to admit i was a wee bit tired but it was really fun to play. i'm thinking that is going to move up on our list of favorite card games: boston, spades, pinochle, double solitaire. and that listing was in no particular order. if nick is reading this, i totally need a disclaimer!
went to bed way late. darn time change it was past 3 am. woke up to a lazy rainy day. nick and i have just been hanging out: playing games, watching shows we had tivo'd, did laundry, and now he's making dinner.
ah, i love lazy days.


Anonymous said...

Love double solitare, we used to play it camping all the time. What's boston?


Jaime said...

I love lazy days too!

You'll have to post the rules so we can play too. Sounds fun!

KJ said...

Yes, please forward the rules to double solitaire! Steve and I love getting together with my cousin and her dh to play Spades, Euchre, or Rook.

Stacey said...

I'm having issues with the time change too...it sucks having to go to bed earlier than you want to =)

Kache said...

I love solitaire, not sure I know what double solitaire is...besides an oxymoron ;)

I'd like to see the rules too!

Breana said...

saounds like a fun night! I want to see the rules too please!

Heather said...

add me to the list please! We used to play cards all the time... need to do that more often- so fun!