cku chicago.

our crazy whirlwind day! i had a blast. but man oh man, am i exhausted today!
monica and carmen got in around 11pm tuesday night. of course, we stayed up late chatting! finally went to bed around 2ish, i think! a 630 am alarm clock was not my friend! we were on our way to the hotel by 730ish.
met some lovely ladies when we got there! and can i say i love accents!!!
we tried to fit all 6 of in one car. that was so not possible. so two cars it was. crazy times. wilder rides. just ask the girls! :)
went to navy pier. ate chicago dogs! rode the ferris wheel, well some of us. headed to scrap stores. i think we hit 5 total! one was stumbled upon by total accident! gotta love that. i wasn't the winner of this spree. i think alison had us all beat but i'm not for sure!
took everyone to giordano's for dinner. yummy deep dish pizzas!
made it back to the hotel around 11pm. i think margaret and i left a short time after. and after a little {ahem} detour i was home by 1230am. i so shouldn't have gone to work today.
can't wait to hear their stories and see their pictures. i am so glad i was able to meet up with everyone. they were all wonderful!


Stacey said...

Sounds fun!

Kache said...

Love the group pic, and I agree it's fun to hear what everyone's accents are like in person!

Carrie said...

So jealous! ;) Hope you post the stuff you make! Got some friends there...man I wish I was too!

Looks like a great time! Can't wait for more info on it!

Heather said...

I'm all about the accents too! lol- that's so funny, because when I was looking at all the pictures earlier, I was wondering what everyone sounded like! we need voice clips! :P

hera said...

Cool pic of you all...you must have had a blast at all those LSS..Alison out did you??? that doesnt sound like her at all LOL!
Thanks for posting Shannon i've been refreshing your blog forever!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like so much fun, I too love to hear all the accents.


KJ said...

You girls were B-U-S-Y!!! So fun!