getting excited...

to go see WICKED!!!
i had said for ages that i wanted to see this... well, nick and i finally got around to buying tickets in like december and i cannot believe that wednesday is almost here! i totally keep forgetting about it. sad, that i want to see something so terribly bad, yet can hardly remember! i had those super cute making memories modular organization but with these ginormous bookshelves i have no space. i know.. you don't have to feel sorry for me! gonna have to figure something out. maybe in the closet somehow or something. that or they will be donated to a random scrapbook friend in need. stay tuned.
so while we were on the broadway in chicago kick nick decided that he wanted to see
spamalot. he is a total monty python freak. me not so much. we shall see. his cousin, angela, that lives in new york city said it was phenomenal when she saw it there. original cast: hank azaria, david hyde pierce... we bought those tickets at the same time and little did we know that we got them for mother's day. gulp. my mom is aware and fine with celebrating saturday. actually i think my grandma prefers it that way. his side... i'm not so sure that they will be as understanding. oh well, there just may be that someday when{ahem, if} i'm a mom and not want to run around seeing everyone.. so maybe i can be breaking them in! :)
nick and i are trying to figure out how to get downtown in time with work and maybe figure out a way to get dinner while we are there. his car is still in a zillion pieces. good news, the guy is going to have the part tomorrow so best case scenario... it's done tomorrow. worst case... wednesday. not sure how that is going to work with the mad dash to get downtown! oy. the joys of being a grownup!


Anonymous said...

Have fun seeing "Wicked"!

Heather said...

lol "if"! :)

Have a great time!

KJ said...

Have fun!