born in a barn?

nope. but my friends got married in one!
it was the running joke all weekend. i admit, i was a little nervous and had no clue what to expect but it was definitely better than i thought! it was cozy and quant and i think perfect for willie and katie!
the wedding was themed too. sports. fitting for the sports freaks they are! how a die hard hoosier and a die hard boilermaker are going to decide on what school their child will go to is beyond me. the joke was iupui! {might have to be a hoosier to get that one...}
so back to the wedding. it was marriage madness! the bridal party was listed as groom's team and bride's team. they did the married couple dance thing and the newly-ist wed and the longest married couples received plaques: rookie of the year and hall of fame!
should have some really fun pictures to share soon. i had my camera and two of my friends did as well. we are hoping to upload to imagestation soon so we can all share the pictures!
as for the rest of our time near cinci... not bad car ride. gotta love the beamer. she gets awesome highway mileage! made it there late friday evening. hung out in our friend's room playing cards, drinking, laughing. double solitaire could be the best card game ever!
saturday we had cracker barrel for breakfast. nummers. and it wasn't breakfast time but i can't pass up some biscuits and gravy.. got the dumplins too! yum! had to do some shopping because robin forgot some articles of clothing! when we got into the hotel i spied a bowling alley across the street. we were able to squeeze in one quick game in 30 minutes! and i had the best game of my life. a 175. usually, i'm lucky if i break a hundred. totally kicked nick's {116}, christy's {80}, and robin's {72} asses! woot woot! then it was wedding time!
the wedding ended at 10. odd but us kids found a local bw3 and ate some wings and drank some more. we then had a night cap in our room with you guessed it.. more alcohol and triple solitaire! good times.
this morning we barely dragged ourselves out of bed and drove home. made great time. nick rested before soccer and headed out to best buy to get another nano. we need a his and hers! hopefully, he remembers to buy me that josh kelly cd!
but i forgot my beloved pillow at the hotel. nick thought i lost my wedding ring or something by my reaction and totally laughed at me when i made him call the hotel and see if they had it! they are sending it out tomorrow. doubtful it will be priority and it's sooo gonna be cash on delivery. hopefully, it arrives sooner that later. i love that nasty pillow. so comfy. so great! anywho.
gotta do some unpacking and hopefully scrapping! and definitely some napping!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you a fun time, Yeah! and Way to go on the bowling :)


hera said...

sounds like an awesome weekend Shannon...looking forward to seeing the shots! LOL about your pillow.

Heather said...

can't wait to see the pictures! I've never heard of double solitare before, but Cracker Barrell- LOVE that place! that's why I stay away lol.

TracyDacy said...

Hope your pillow arrives safe and sound Shannon! Glad you had a fun time and a safe trip!

Stacey said...

Sounds like you had fun...I love my pillow too =) Hate hotel pillows.

KJ said...

LOL!! Totally get IUPUI! Sounds like a kick arse wedding! And what fun you had! Oh, and I totally know where you're coming from with a pillow! I go NOWHERE without mine! Honestly! I'd have done the same thing!