mad libs.

i decided i wanted to share a few of the funnier lines from the mad libs nick and i came up with on our road trip. well, that nick came up with. i added a few words here and there but it was mostly to keep him entertained since he was driving. {disclaimer: my husband is 28 but acts like a 12 year old. he used the word penis in every single one we did, sometimes even more than once. so be warned... they are kinda dirty!} just so everyone knows the words we entered i will put them in italics. and it was only nick and i in the car, so he improvised some of the people in the room... see first bullet! :)
  • nick has been entertaing us by telling us about the time he showed his powerful penis to alottavagina. {alottavagina was the third person in the room!}
  • when approaching a school, watch out for high nuns.
  • at the next stop, i saw a giraffe get up, and i ran over to grab his xylophone but i accidentally jabbed my penis into his humps and broke his toenails.
  • if you care for a cup of alcohol or a burnt sandwich, please push the penis located over your seat and our flight attendant will be glad to bang you.
  • smokey the llama always says 'horsepoop!'
to me the mad libs either are the funniest things ever or the stupidest things ever! gotta get the right random combo! not sure if anyone else will find them funny but i know we were laughing hysterically and nick almost had tears running down his face! could have been the boredom of the car ride!


Heather said...

omg those made me laugh out loud! I think I like the flight attendant one the best! I forgot all about mad libs- I'll have to pick some up for our next road trip!

Breana said...

OMGOSH I was LOL too, the 4th one was my fave! I totally forgot about mad libs too, how fun!

KJ said...

OMG! I'm dying over here! Those are hysterical!!! I remember doing those when I was in middle school!

TracyDacy said...

Too too funny Shannon I have a Mad Libs page a day calendar on my desk at work!

Anonymous said...

Too funny! My kids love mad libs and we were doing them on our endless car ride too. Of course, ours were "g" rated. LOL.