loved wicked. at first nick and i were both a tad leery but it didn't take long for that doubt to go away! i find that if i have high expectations i tend to be let down. just call me a pessimist. so i was really happy that i wasn't let down one bit. we are actually talking about trying to see it again. to pay more attention to detail. it was soo great!
our evening started out a little hectic. nick's car was done being repaired so we had to swing by the shop to pick it up before we left. way out of our way. probably made an hour or so difference in the time we arrived downtown. but thrilled that it is fixed and that it didn't cost nearly as much as mitsubishi quoted. thankful that we knew to ask around and got a wonderful recommendation and that they kicked bootay!
got downtown around 6ish. so we had an hour and a half before showtime. didn't make dinner reservations since we didn't really know our schedule. we walked a few blocks to see if anything peaked our interest. i kept saying that i just wanted to eat at corner bakery. well, my wish ended up coming true. nick had never eaten there so he was up for it! had me the ham on pretzel bread and their ceasar salad. yum. nick liked it too! so that was a plus!
we had a little time to spare before the movie so we decided to walk to the borders. picked up some fun driving material for this weekend: mad libs, brain teasers, and a few random books!
passed out when we got home around midnight. but did have one hilarious happening when i got home. our cleaning lady, nick's cousin, cleaned today. well, i guess her new thing is folding my toilet paper like they do in the hotels. i cracked up. who does that??
today was a recoup day before our traveling filled weekend.
have a wedding near cincinatti on saturday. leaving tomorrow night and crashing in a hotel friday and saturday. little mini getaways are fun but there truly is no place like home! :)
wicked... seriously good. see it if you can!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you enjoyed Wicked and a night on the town with Nick. What a nice surprise that his car is fixed and for cheap, always a bonus! Enjoy the weekend getaway. I can't wait to get my hubby back!


Heather said...

So glad you guys loved Wicked!! Have a great time this weekend!

KJ said...

Sounds like a great time, Shan! Be careful driving this weekend and have fun!