my tubby hubby...

anyone who knows my husband would never put tubby in the same sentence with him. almost six feet tall and maybe 130 pounds sopping wet. so when i wanted to join the gym he was all for it. wanted to bulk up. well, his 3 months were over a week or two ago and went in for his followup measurements. the lady was amazed. heck. she was amazed that he was so skinny to begin with.
nicholas went from 5.4% body fat to 9.9%. he gained almost 25 pounds: 7 of them pure fat. {must be nice to have to try and gain weight. it's okay if you hate him. honest, i get jealous!} the boy gained 3 inches in his chest, 2 in the shoulders, 3 in the hips. insane.
during his process i would tell him he was getting bigger. chest, arms, face! he didn't believe me. but had this crazy look of shock anytime some other relative would make a comment. like did shan tell you to say that?
but once he got the numbers he was so proud. can you blame him? just imagine if i could get myself to do so well in the weight loss department. sigh.
so now the problem is he doesn't have clothes that fit him! no underwear, no jeans, no dress clothes! bad times since we have an out of state wedding to attend next weekend! i have convinced him to go shopping with me to the outlet and maybe i can finagle some new clothes for myself!
i doubt he reads this... but i'll say it here any way. babe, i'm so proud of you. now just don't turn into some crazy obsessed weight lifter guy. you know. the one who checks out his biceps in the mirror when he brushes his teeth. oh wait, you do do that! :)


Heather said...

GO Nick! That's fabulous! Tell him congratulations!
Let us know how that shopping trip goes ;P

Anonymous said...

Woohoo PharmaBoodle!!! Congrats to Nick.

Have fun picking out a few things Shan!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Nick (love the PharmaBoodle Carmen!)! And have shopping Shannon.