a quote to start the new year...

i am aware that i am less than some people prefer me to be, but most people are unaware that i am so much more than what they see. ~Dougas Pagles

i think this might be my new motto for the year. it's twofold.
  1. i need to focus less on what other people think of me. why should their opinions matter if i am happy with who i am?
  2. i also need to be less judgemental of others and set such high expections for them. i need to accept people for who they are. not who i want them to be.
so i have a list of resolutions/goals floating around in my head. i hope to get them all out on paper today! i loved that i could look back on last year's. i might also want to do a hopes and dreams type thingie and see how that turns out. we shall see.
i've been quite busy for someone who didn't have to work today. feels good tho! got my scraproom sorta situated. trying to anticipate that new furniture. yes, one of my goals is to not procrastinate! also compiled a budget. hate the word budget with a passion. i vow to not have one. i just want to save a set amount of money this year. the rest can be alloted however the heck we want! :)
stay tuned. i hope to have those layouts up soon!

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hera said...

love your motto Shannon..can't WAIT to see those los!