to do before the new furniture comes! i'm so excited that it's finally in. we called and set up the earliest date which is next saturday...rock on! totally ready for some serious organization! cannot wait!
have tons to do this weekend tho. well, actually starting now. have to crank out some dt layouts. i know, boohoo for me, right!? ;) have to pack the room. girl's night out is tomorrow evening with nick's mom's side of the family. have to pull everything out of this darn room and paint. also gotta fit working out in there. {which i know is off subject but i'm loving again since i've lost some poundage!} i've convinced nick that i NEED my internet. he just laughs. can't believe that i am the one who is more attached to the computer now! so we will lug my desk into the middle of the room and throw a covering over it.
have the paint and everything ready to go. just gotta figure out those darn curtains. as always, i'm up for suggestions! something funky, fun! would love small vertical colorful stripes. oh ki, why don't you make curtains!
oh and thank you to all the lurkers for posting on my awesome news! it means a lot to know you guys are out there reading this! so thanks. :0)


Stacey said...

Check out smith and noble ( www.smithandnoble.com ---I think?)They send me a catalog all of the time and I've noticed recently some pretty funky material that they are offering.

hera said...

you must have a ton of KI papers Shannon - you could alter the window frames with those and then have plainer curtains LOL!!! cant wait to see the end product :-) Have fun with all your weekend actvities. DS planned our weekend - skiing!

Heather said...

I was thinking what Hera said! LOL! Or you could laminate and stitch the KI together!

Good luck with the choice- I can't wait to see the finished room!